First up, Iceland!!!

Well, Reykjavik, Iceland was just fantastic! If you want a holiday or a short break that’s a bit different, Iceland is your place. Yes it is cold (so be prepared) but it’s an adventure and such a beautiful city, with lots to do!!!

We stayed for just 2 nights (which wasn’t long enough), and arrived at the Ice Hotel Marina just as the sun was setting. The Ice Hotel Marina was such a lovely and unique place to stay; from the moment you walk in, there is a funky lounge area with unique pieces of furniture. Not to mention all the other cool rooms and facilities. This included a small gym, cinema room and a decent sized library room for you to chill and read your latest book. The hotel reception leads to the rooms on the right and a restaurant on the left, in which the food was absolutely delicious and we would highly recommend. We also had our included breakfast in the restaurant, that consisted of all the food you could possibly think or not think of to have for breakfast.

Our full day in Reykjavik was jam-packed, so we got up early and crammed our faces with breakfast. The strange thing is, we felt like we were up earlier than we was as the sun doesn’t rise until 10am. Here are a few photos from our tour around the village:

As soon as we had finished looking around the streets of Reykjavik, we had to head back to the hotel as we were going to the Blue Lagoon; despite the snow storm that was currently surrounding us. All our transport around Iceland we arranged beforehand and was reliable; despite what you think, they will turn up hah… well they did for us. The bus journey to the Blue Lagoon was quite a rough one as the wind from the snow storm was quite strong and rocking the bus, despite all this nothing was stopping us from getting there and getting in the lagoon…

It’s funny because when you see the lagoon on Instagram or Pinterest etc. you see this picaresque, stunningly blue water normally with a gorgeous human in the middle. Now we struck unlucky and because of the snowstorm it was more of an adventure than a relaxing swim in the lagoon; it was still enjoyable though and great to see. When you arrive you are provided with a wrist band which is your money whilst in the lagoon so you don’t have to take anything with you. We had the ‘Comfort’ package which included entrance to Blue Lagoon, Silica Mud Mask, use of Towel, 1st Drink of your choice and an Algae Mask (which you can take home with you or put on whilst you are there). They recommend to keep your hair tied up as the water can be very drying and damaging; but is meant to revitalise your body. The water is very warm and very salty so try not to get any in your mouth. I 100% want to return maybe when there isn’t a storm through shade on us.

Back to the hotel, we were meant to see the northern lights in the evening however the storm was too bad and they would not have been visible so the trip was cancelled. If you do book a package like we did, and your Northern Lights trip is cancelled then it is valid for a year in case you re-visit Iceland again to see them (bare this in mind, but we didn’t return unfortunately).

Overall, we absolutely loved Iceland!!! It was something different to anywhere we have ever been, it was freezing (not cold, freezing), it had beautiful scenery and the buildings were beautiful. The food was some of the best I have ever tasted and there is so much to do. The only concern was that it is quite expensive whilst you are there, so if you are going to visit Iceland… research how long you’re going to be there and how much you need to take with you. See you for now Iceland, we will be back!

Jollietravels xxx

Watch our vlog on Iceland, click the link below…

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